Soup of the Day £4.50

Served with locally baked bread


Smoked Haddock Cullen Skink £5.95

Creamy chunky Scottish soup


Garlic Mushrooms £5.95

Served in a creamy garlic sauce


Classic Prawn Marie Rose £6.50

Prawns bound in a Marie Rose sauce with salad


Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Salad £4.95

Served with rocket leaves and a balsamic glaze


Chicken Liver Pate £5.95

Served on toasted bread with caramelised onions


Haggis Bon Bons £6.50

Served with apple sauce, candied apples and crispy bacon




Main Courses


Fish and Chips £14.95

North Sea haddock in a light crispy batter with tartare sauce and garden peas


Vegetable Tagliatelle £13.95

Mixed vegetables in your choice of either a tomato sauce or a creamy sauce


Seared Haunch of Highland Venison £17.95

Served with green peppercorns, mixed peppers with mushrooms and potatoes


Fillet of Scottish Salmon £15.95

Pan fried salmon with lemon butter, creamy and dill in a white wine sauce served with shaved courgette and potatoes


Smoked Salmon Risotto £14.95

With shallots and garlic bread


McGonagall’s Burger £14.95

In a brioche bun, topped with cheddar cheese and salad. Served alongside chunky chips and onion rings

Add bacon or haggis for an additional £1.50




From The Char-grill


All Steaks are seasoned with garlic and cooked on our chargrill.  They are served with mushrooms, a grilled tomato and your choice of chips or potatoes


10oz Rump Steak £19.95

The rump steak is a traditional pub favourite and has a great mixture of texture and rich flavours. It’s made up of several different muscles, some meltingly tender and some with a satisfying chew.

8oz Sirloin Steak £20.95

A popular steak, full of flavour and tenderness. It can be served any way you like, but best served as rare as possible.  In Australia the sirloin is often called the Porterhouse Rump.


10oz Ribeye Steak £22.95

The ribeye is considered one of the tastiest and most elegantly flavoured steaks. The special appeal of ribeye steaks is the marbling of fat through them which gives flavour and succulence.


8oz Fillet Steak £28.95

The fillet is the most tender of steaks often regarded as the premium cut yet has very little fat marbling. It’s often called the New York Strip in the USA.



Please note any of our dishes can be adjusted to meet your requirements. We hope you enjoy your meal, if we can improve anything please do not hesitate to ask our team for assistance.

All prices include VAT at 20%. We do not include a service charge as we believe you would prefer to thank our team personally.